Category: Vehicle Maintenance

When is it Time to Change Your Hyundai’s Brakes?

It goes without saying that your brakes are one of your vehicle’s most important systems when it comes to any type of driving. Over time, different components of your brakes will wear down, creating a potentially dangerous situation if not addressed. If you’re like most drivers, it can be hard to figure out when it’s....Read More

Air Conditioning Problems

Having an air conditioning issue in your vehicle can make rides uncomfortable as you struggle to deal with hot weather.  Here is a guide addressing how an automobile’s air conditioning works, common air conditioning problems, and the solutions you need to cool your cabin.  How Does a Vehicle’s Air Conditioning System Work? Your air conditioning....Read More

10 Things You Must Keep in Your Car

Take advantage of the long days, warm nights, and great weather, and go on a road trip. If you’re heading out of the highways for days, you’ll want to prepare properly. To have the best experience, especially if you’re not going alone, you should ready your vehicle for hours on the road. But what are....Read More

Where & How to Store Your Winter Tires

With spring’s swift arrival here in Mississauga, temperatures are rising, and at last, drivers can look forward to improved conditions on the road. With winter out of the way, there’s no longer the same risk of unpredictable temperature and aggressive weather to create challenging road conditions, and that means you can drive with a bit....Read More