Winter Tires in Mississauga


At Cooksville Hyundai, we recommend switching over from your summer or all-season tires to winter tires in Mississauga when the temperature drops below 7°C. The soft rubber compound used in winter tires is designed and optimized specifically for cold weather providing the best handling, performance, and safety on snow and ice. Whether you’re looking to buy a set of winter tires, getting them installed, or storing your current summer or all-season tires, Cooksville Hyundai has you covered.  Here are the most common questions we get asked by our customers!

Thinking about getting your Hyundai winter tires? Not sure what kind or size of tires, rims or wheels your vehicle needs? Let the experts at Cooksville Hyundai help you find the right winter package at the right price for your vehicle.

Winter or All-Season Tires?

Unlike many provinces in Canada where it’s required by law to have winter tires installed on your vehicle throughout the season, it is not mandatory in Ontario. However, it’s recommended by most automotive experts to install them as winter tires are designed specifically to tackle all types of winter weather including deep snow, icy or slushy roads, and even simply cold temperatures. 

As the average daily temperature drops below 7 °C, the rubber compound used in All-Season tires begins to harden and loses traction, making it hard for drivers to start and stop in wet, slushy, or snowy conditions. Winter tires, on the other hand, are constructed with a softer rubber compound that remains pliable in colder climate and features a more aggressive tread pattern that helps decrease snow build-up and increasing grip into snow or ice.

Winter Tire Insurance Discount in Ontario?

Having winter tires installed on your car comes with perks, such as insurance benefits. Insurance companies in Ontario are required by law to provide discounts to drivers who purchase and install winter tires for their vehicles. The discount varies based on your insurance company’s policy. In general, most drivers can expect to receive a 3-5% reduction in their policy. Note that your insurance providers may request documentation before applying the discounts to your policy such as a receipt for purchase/installation, or photograph of the winter tires installed on the vehicle. For more information, please contact your insurance provider.

Alloy or Steel Rims?

For many owners, standard steel rims remain the most popular option when buying new winter tires. Steel rims are often coated in a special black finish that is resistant to corrosion and are the most common rims you will see on a majority of vehicles throughout Ontario during the winter season. However, with alloy rims, owners can enjoy having the practicality of winter tires, while also maintaining the aesthetics and appearance of their vehicle. Having alloy rims not only improves the overall look and feel of your vehicle, but it also offers performance in the long run. In general, alloy rims are lighter than steel rims, thus improving acceleration and braking, as well as overall handling and steering response.

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Hyundai Accessories

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