Hyundai Prepaid Maintenance

Hyundai Prepaid Maintenance

Let your prepaid service plan take away the burden of worrying about your next service.

Choose from two service plans.


Lock in the cost of vehicle services that satisfy Hyundai warranty requirements.

Services include:

    ✔ Engine oil and filter change

    ✔ Climate control air filter replacement

    ✔ Tire rotation

    ✔ Brake service

And more…

Premium Plus

Includes all Premium plan services with the addition of wearable items replacement.

Additional items include:

    ✔ Wiper blades

    ✔ Brake discs and pads

    ✔ 12V battery

Lock In Your Expenses

Lock in your expenses with today’s prices to save on future services.

Transferable Service Plan

Your service plan is transferable to the next owner, if you sell your vehicle.

Resale Value

Regular maintenance from a qualified Hyundai technician using genuine Hyundai parts could increase your resale value.

Premium and Premium Plus service plans are available for new vehicles within 6 months and 6,000 km. All Hyundai models are eligible, including Hybrid and Electric models. For more information, please contact our service department.